Whether you’re an investor or simply interested in the economy, you need to stay informed. Here are some of the best apps for getting up-to-date business news, financial information and market data.

Researchers have found that news attention in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is a powerful predictor of economic performance. It can explain up to 25% of the variation in stock market returns.


CNBC, an American basic cable business news network, is one of the largest networks in the world. It provides 14 hours of business programming on weekdays (from 5:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time), and broadcasts a variety of other programs at other times.

The channel’s primary business coverage focuses on US and global economic news. It also features a wide range of other programming, including talk shows, investigative reports, documentaries and infomercials.

The network’s annual rankings of states for business climate, released on Tuesday, ranked Connecticut 47th, a drop from 32nd last year. The cable network noted that the state’s workforce rank rose one spot and a drop in life, health and inclusion, as well as a jump in the cost of living, which it attributed to “worries about inflation.” These factors accounted for most of the drop in the overall economy score. In addition, the state’s access to capital score dropped eight places from a year earlier.


TheStreet is one of the largest stock exchanges in the world and it is home to thousands of people. Its newsroom produces a variety of top notch content, from the latest market data to unbiased analysis of economic trends. A major component of the site’s success is its savvy editorial staff. Its most popular feature is its blogosphere, which features a mix of opinionated writers and industry insiders who offer up the scoop on what’s happening in the world of tech, finance, and culture.

The site also provides a plethora of video content. The most recent addition to the site’s offerings is its video game show, a new competition that promises to find the best players in a range of games. TheStreet also offers its own podcasts, including the ever popular Investing In Technology, where guests like former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates discuss the latest tech innovations. The site also has a number of archival resources, including its archive of old stock price data.


The financial news and information company, Bloomberg LP, offers its customers a diverse range of services. The company’s main product, the Bloomberg terminal, provides real-time market and financial information to finance professionals.

Several branches of the company provide news, research, and media services. These include Bloomberg News, which serves as the primary news-gathering branch; and Bloomberg Law and Bloomberg Government, which offer specialized data for lawyers and government workers, respectively.

Another division of the company, Bloomberg Economics, offers economic news and predictions. It recently released its 2023 outlook, which expects global growth to slow slightly to 2.4%.

Despite the decline, inflation will remain an important driver of markets. A jump in oil prices, for instance, could lift consumer prices by a full percentage point in the final quarter of 2023.


Econoday is a WOSB certified, privately held California corporation that provides economic data and perspective insights to investors around the world. Their digital products make it easy for traders to execute daily trades with confidence and plan long-term financial strategies and investments.

For more than 25 years, Econoday has delivered economic data and analysis to the investment community worldwide. Its print and digital products have helped investors follow economic indicators and better understand the relationship between these announcements and market activity.

Econoday Research’s experts quickly detect significant elements within announcements for investors and rank events based on their market impact to provide investors with the most important information. Users can also gain an edge with ECONODAY’s Consensus Divergence Index (ECDI), a simple summary measure for how an economy is evolving relative to market expectations.